Sunday, 5 January 2014

Jewellery Organisation

Today, being a Sunday, I was both incredibly lazy and productive. Firstly I did not get up until 12 which was an achievement I'm proud of. 26 and still able to lie in like I'm 13!

After though I really did need to sort out my war zone of a room. Especially after the Xmas hols and coming back with my sister. I never properly unpacked so my has took stuff out if my suitcase and dumped it randomly around the room. 

One thing I did that I thought was cute, you can choose to disagree, was using an oversized wine glass to store my earrings. For Christmas my aunt and uncle bought me a wine glass that holds an entire bottle of wine. This is the third one I've ever received! I love it and more importantly I love wine. However I don't often have people round and I feel that drinking an entire bottle of wine is a little...strange. 

So, as I brought back more of my possessions, I needed to store my earrings so they didn't get constantly tangled. Voila, two birds with one stone. My earrings now sit in and dangle from an oversized wine glass. I'm a bloody genius!! 

(Sort of)

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Shopping Addict!

Please send help... or money. I'm ok with money too.

I have no real need for clothes and absolutely no spare money. However, with the creation of January Sales and the Internet combined, I feel an impulsive desire to buy new clothes... HELP! Why do I feel so compelled to spend money?
I will try to overcome this dread with reading and sleep. I should probably also try losing weight first to fit into my pre chubby wardrobe. Wine could work too.

Remember... I need help or money...

P.S. - Yes I realise the internet and January sales have been combined for many years now... bastards!