Monday, 31 December 2012

The end of 2012

I realise after posting the first blog I have never got round to posting any more in this blog. I have been crazily busy! However I would like to remedy this and continue in the new year with my fashion and beauty thoughts and ideas. I also will be, like most other people in the UK I imagine, will be attempting to lose weight in 2013 so I will be adding diet and fitness progress too.

Currently I would like to lose 2 stone and get back to the weight I was about 3/4 years ago. It seems like a lot but if I can put it on then I can take it off!! I need to be healthier and more comfortable in my clothes. I used to be very confident in what I wore and now just try and hide how much larger I have become

My plan is to eat healthier fresher foods and limit the amount of ft and sugar I have (so goodbye Starbucks venti Caramel Lattes and almond croissants for breakfast). I am also planning on finding a fitnesss class to attend, walking more, weight training and general toning, particularly for abs!

In terms of beauty I think I have finally found the best skincare routine for my skin and I am using Cliniques 3 step routine and the city block for spf protection. The only thing I need to find is a good eye make up remover as I find Benefits they're real mascara a real pain to get off. It clings to my lashes!!

New years eve tomorrow - time to start thinking about about my hair and make up for the night!!
Night xx

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