Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Single Girls Guide to Valentines Day!

Valentines Day soon, in case you hadn't spotted. Here I thought I'd share what I'll probably be wearing, doing, eating and my make up for the... er... 'special day'

Firstly I will be wearing the latest in Pyjama fashion. Probably my lovely red check bottoms with a decorative faux silk bow to keep me cinched in at the waist. I thought I'd top it off with a pinky/red vest top. Some might say its too much of the same colour but I think it matches nicely.

Next is the all important question - What shall I do on Valentines Day? 
I've got my outfit sorted so I think watching a film like Bridget Jones will set the right mood for the evening. If not any of the following are appropriate - Legally Blond, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Mean Girls etc The Notebook is NOT suitable but staring at a still of Ryan Gosling topless for 2 hours is fine! (Who doesn't wish they did this daily?)

After all the getting ready and prep, booking the reservations for the sofa etc it's now time to choose your evening meal. My suggestion is - 


Starter -

Mains - 

Dessert - 

After all this excitement and a busy night of walking to the fridge and refilling your glass I think it would be wise to call it a night. Probably best to do some damage control and disable internet access to avoid seeing Facebook twitter pictures of flowers or chocolate people haven't bought themselves. This will also come in use when you undoubtedly come across a dating site advert and end up arranging a date with someone called 'large69toughman' or 'sexylondonmanplayer' or similar!

Alternatively if all this seems like too much effort for you then go to bed on Wednesday 13th and don't bother getting up until Friday 15th when it's ok for couples to not really love each other again!

What will you be doing?
Maria xx


  1. Such a brilliant post! Bridget Jones' diary is such a brilliant night in film! and hmmmm brilliant choice in foods and drinks!! xxx

    1. Thanks, glad you like it! Bridget is one of mine and my friends favourites. I accept no responsibility for any hangovers after the meal suggestion!! lol x