Sunday, 26 May 2013

Diwali Paris - Jewellery Store Review

Diwali Jewellery Store - Paris

Since I have moved here I have done very little shopping (being a part time worker in an expensive city) but I have done lots of window shopping. You might even say 'Je suis Le expert'. 
One shop I have discovered in this city full of Chanel, Dior, Tiffany and H&M (pronounced 'ash ay em') is Diwali - Paris. It is a cute little jewellery store that I have fallen a little bit in love with. As the name suggests the jewellery is Indian style with lots of sparkle, gold, colour and patterns. Which is exactly why it is my sort of store. That and my general love of jewellery. Additionally I think that it is reasonably priced, prices seemed to be around 5-20 euros.

They sell necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, slippers and other trinkets all beautifully presented. The stores I have been in are always so tidy, it is how I would set out my jewellery cupboard if I was a billionaire, and the staff are very friendly. I enjoy the fact my necklaces will only get in a tangle once I'm home and not before I have bought one!

When my Mum came to visit me a few week sagos I was lucky enough to be treated to something and I had to choose the bracelet. It's definitely one of my favourite colours, although I nearly got the pink one as they had a few colours, and the beads were really nice. I've worn it loads since I bought it so I'm sure I made the right choice. Usually if I'm in a jewellery store like accessorize etc I try and buy as much as I can afford so choosing just one took some doing! Once you have bought an item they put it in a cute little bag which I now use to store my stud earrings as I have a tendency to lose them. 

I definitely recommend a look if you are in Paris and looking for some pretty costume jewellery. Not too cheap and not too expensive. Perfect!

My lovely bracelet!

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