Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Kiko Cosmetics Review - My new favourite!

Hey, recently I discovered Kiko cosmetics and wanted to spread the word. Whilst at work I got into a discussion with a student about make up and beauty and she had just purchased some products from the shop nearby. Now, I don't speak French but luckily the student told be what the sales assistant had told her. Otherwise I would not have understood or found out anything!

Apparently the company doesn't advertise or use models or celebrities to promote their brand. The idea being that it is good enough to be promoted through word of mouth. Well safe to say it worked for me! She showed me her products and then told me the price - it was all so cheap! I went the next morning before I started work to have a look and I do have to say that it was lovely in their. Such a small store on Rue de Rennes but well organised and professional looking. To start with I have bought a lipstick for around 4€ and a colour correcting powder for 12€.

Another bonus is no animal testing and its available in France and the UK! I think I saw one at Stratford Westfield but never went in as I, if I'm being completely honest, was probably being a but of a make up snob. Now I have discovered it I will definitely be browsing the store from time to time to add to my collection!

The powder and lipstick! 
I chose a pink lipstick of course!
Glossy lipstick that is easy to apply! I wear it almost everyday at the moment!

Simple packaging - quality product!

Purple and green powders to combat redness and blemishes, Neutral for warmth and 'yellow' for highlighting!

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