Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Beauty organisation - Everything I Own

Did some tidying and organising yesterday and managed to get my beauty kit more organised. My goodness I seem to have more than I thought! I counted roughly 15 lipglosses & lipsticks, 7 mascaras, and I could guess at roughly 40 eyeshadows. 

Is this too much? About right? Not enough? Let me know what you think!

Below is how I've organised it and some of the things I have...

This is everything - skincare, eyelashes, face products, blushers, eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, highlighters ,primers, lipticks, lipglosses and brushes etc

Brushes, eyelash curlers etc All stored in a Vegas mug.

Lip glosses and lipsticks in a black box - It used to have a pretty lid with white flowers and birds but it makes it harder to store this much!

Eyeshadow compacts and individuals, eyeliners in black, blue, brown, grey, silver, pink and purple. Mascaras in black, waterproof black, black/brown and brown.

Clinique skin care product and Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream!

Eyelashes, foundation, blushers, concealers, highlighters, primers and fixers.


  1. You are so well organised! My stuff is just stuffed into boxes in drawers atm but when I move out I want to be much better organised.

    Amy x

    PS that mirror is beautiful, the hand held one!

    1. Thanks, it's from a shop in covent garden. My sister has a cream one. We ended up buying them for each other for Christmas! Maria x