Monday, 4 February 2013

Green and pink french manicure tutorial

Quick Tutorial on my green and pink French manicure - 

Step 1 - Use a light pink base colour as you would a normal french manicure. I've used Nails Inc in Warwick Avenue (I've now started singing this song in my head non stop!)

Step 2 - Once the base colour is dried I carefully used Rimmel 60 seconds polish in Sky High for the tips. Make sure it's fairly neat and evenly coloured. 

Step 3 - Using my Nail Art Pen in bright pink I went along the green at the bottom lining it. I like this as it gives an extra brightness and can help tidy up the mess slightly if you're not always neat. Finish with top coat and you;re done! 

Hope you like the pictures! I love doing my nails and giving and getting nail art inspiration. Tweet me your nail pictures too!

Maria xx

p.s. Sorry about the plaster in the pictures but I have burnt my finger cooking and you really don't need to see what is underneath!


  1. you have lovely nails!

  2. Thanks! I always annoyed when one breaks though! xx