Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday Morning in Paris

Lots of people romanticise about places they've visited and think they're amazing and I'm sure some of the time it's not too different from where they live. I probably did that with Paris before I came. With just two trips, totalling 5 days, and countless movies I decided this was the place for me. 

There comes a point when you have to admit things are not all rose coloured and perfect. And whilst it has been difficult to move to another country sometimes I'm reminded why I did move here. 

This morning I woke up at 7:30 (a recently unheard of hour) and after my healthy breakfast of yogurt honey and oranges I decided to go for a walk. I left at 8:15 to wander in a very quiet Paris. 

People out running, buying baguettes and croissants in boulangeries, the homeless moving to their begging spots ready for the people still without breakfast. As I got closer to the centre some restaurants are open with one or two people having breakfast. It's so quiet! 

I then walked along part of the seine from the expensive tour d'argent restaurant (not sure on spelling) to the park behind Notre Dame cathedral. I've never been in the park before as it always looks hideously busy with tourists. I try and stay away from tourists in general, like I have in any place I've lived. 

I'm glad I came. The sun is out but it's too early to be boiling. Not a cloud in the sky. A few early morning tourists. A few people just sitting around like myself. A busker playing peaceful guitar music. It's perfect. Earlier the bells of the cathedral went and I remembered I was in the centre of a capital city. 

So, in conclusion, yes Paris is not always perfect and living abroad can be hard as hell. But, sometimes, it's beautiful. 

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