Thursday, 12 September 2013

Parisians - observations on a different culture!

I've been thinking about writing this for a while now and I'm sure I'll add more to it in the future. Making observations, listening to conversations and having conversations with the Parisians. I've noticed a few things that the Parisians have in common and seem to be considerably different to England. Here we go...

  • Scooters - To be more precise adults on scooters. Not the motorized ones, the push style ones. They seriously consider it to be a useful transportation method. Serious business men in suits, mothers and children, young, not so young. So many people use them! Anyone above the age of 9 should reconsider unless severely drunk or playing with children!

  • Black - so much black!! The clothes are so safe here with lots of neutral tones and black, classic dressing in black, summer clothes in black. I may be over exaggerating a little but it is definitely common to be neutrally dressed. Many French have commented that my clothes are very colourful and different. However in England I would consider myself a 'safe' dresser. But then it's also often commented that Londoners are ... Eclectic with their clothes. For me eclectic is ok. Parisian chic is ok. But I think some colour and patterns are good. Too many, not so good!

  • Imaginary spitting. This sounds gross but I can't come up with another way to describe this. Whenever the French don't know something they shrug their shoulders and pretend to spit/make a popping sound with their lips. It is so common I've started to do it!!

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