Sunday, 29 September 2013

Essex girl in Paris continues...

6 months!!! I have been living in Paris for 6 months! It seems so unreal, but the good sort of unreal. I am starting to realise how much I have done, and what I have achieved since I've been here and also how difficult it has been. 

I've managed to find an apartment, 2 jobs and many friends. I've visited a variety of places. Eaten and drunk alot! Had a shitty time and an incredible time. Begun to learn a language which six months ago I could say nothing and now I can have conversations. I'm probably more confident but definitely none the wiser!

Here are some pictures to show you some of my life in the past few months...

Difficult to see but this is me and 2 girls in the Galerie des Glaces  at the Chateau de Versaille. It is beautiful there and I really recommend going! It is the room used when the Treaty of Versailles was signed to end WW1 and also in the J'adore Dior advert with Charlize Theron.
Outside view from the Pompidou Centre. Interesting art and a back drop of the city!

The Eiffel Tower by Delaunay at the Pompidou

Me as 'art' at the Pompidou

Another Delaunay at the Pompidou

Eiffel Tower from Pompidou

Sculpture outside the Pompidou

From Pont Bir Hakeim

A street carnival near Nation in July - lots of noise, music, dancing and people!

Fun fair in the tuileries!

Me and my friend outside Odeon for Fete de la Musique - It's a free musical event all over the city where people fill the streets play music and drink! It is packed and I recommend attending one year. A city full of partying!

Cocktails were needed at Fete de la Musique!

Relaxing in the Luxembourg Gardens

An almost beautiful view... If only I could see where I work!


Me and my friend in the Luxembourg

Sunbathing at Paris Plage!

Many people at Paris Plage and the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Great idea but not so good for relaxing!

Work aka Montparnasse Tower - The tallest and ugliest building in Paris!

Me at Paris Plage

The Arc de Triomphe on my way to work!

Night out with work colleagues!

Dancing and drinking at Tino Rossi by the Seine - Perfect

I had been drinking!

Crazy dancing man!
 So... there you go. A few pictures of the many things I have done so far in my little adventure. Who knows what the next 6 months will bring...?


  1. So much fun to see - what an adventure, lucky you! Xx

    1. Thanks - It's a pretty fun experience! x