Saturday, 23 March 2013

Euro Centrale OPI nail varnish set

On my first full day in Paris I realised I had forgotten to bring any of my 50 odd nail varnishes with me! Quel nightmare! Therefore I had to go straight to Champs Elysee sephora to get some. I love this shop, it has every make up brand you can think of. After a confusing exchange with the shop worker she spoke English and advised me really nicely (I am slowly learning French but it was my first day and she spoke really fast!)

Here's what I bought...

Sephora express nail varnish remover, Euro Centrale OPI set, Free Lanvin perfume sample

Worked really well, I was very impressed!

Lovely spring time colours, the gold goes over the top of the others to make them shimmery. Great names too!

The embarrassing state of my nails before I visited Sephora

Can't Find My Czechbook (Aqua) with OY-Another Polish Joke (Shimmery gold)

I loved this colour combination and I think they lasted well considering I have no top coat on them. Goes on ok, but seemed a little clumpy to begin with.

More photos of my first week in Paris to come.


Loving the You're Such a BudaPest (Periwinkle-purple) with the OY-Another Polish Joke! Got a few compliments yesterday - who doesn't love a nail compliment?

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