Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Eiffel Tower - afternoon/evening visit

My first weekend in Paris - I just had to visit the Eiffel Tower. I even think it's mandatory. Especially if I intend on living here for a while. I can't imagine many Parisians go there often, much like I have never been to loads of the tourist attractions in London as I have lived there my whole life. 

I went Saturday afternoon and met up with a woman on the course I am doing who also is feeling a little touristy (if this is a word?). She has never been here before so I felt a little like I knew what I was doing as I have been to Paris twice before and been up the Eiffel Tower both times. This time though we took the stairs up, only do this in flats and if you have a fairly good level of fitness. I'm not exactly a gym bunny or a couch potato but it was fairly tough. We passed old people, girls in heels and ... less than active people as they stopped for a breather. The reason to do it though is that it's cheaper. It only cost me 3.50 euros for the stairs to the 1st and 2nd floor, plus another 5.50 to go to the top level. It would have been 5euros for over 24s on the stairs, 8.50 to the second floor by lift and 14 all the way to the top. Not a massive saving but I'm on a budget!

Anyway, here's the pictures...

Me at the end, I freaking love the Eiffel Tower!

I think it's so pretty even though it's just a chunk of metal!

I love that it 'twinkles' every hour at night!

My home! (the old one anyway)

I was pointing to the London sign

Second floor to the summit.

Looking out to the Latin Quarter - my favourite arrondisment.

Too hazy to see Sacre Couer

After an interesting moment wearing a skirt on the Eiffel Tower I opted for jeans - they're wind proof!

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