Sunday, 31 March 2013

Week 2 - J'adore Paris!

I've been here 2 weeks and it feels like so much longer! (In a good way). I have started to become a little bored on my course but I'll press on, I hope I pass as that would be pretty depressing to fail a teaching course after 6 years experience!  Lot's of revision needed today for a test I have next week. Eurgh! 

Anyway, for the more interesting parts of the week. Have enjoyed the people on the course still and been for lunches and dinners with them. On Friday I went to a little restaurant/cafe with Victoria and Elizabeth. I had a really nice Confit du Canard. We chatted for ages about our lives, loves, dreams etc. Sounds all philosophical and sophisticated but it really wasn't!! It was more discussing our ex boyfriends and why they're our exes. Also talking about what we want to do in the future, I mentioned I wanted to be a writer and Elizabeth suggested I blog! Of course I do but I'd love to write a book. Maybe I'll finally start trying to write one. It may turn out to be rubbish but at least I'll know if I'm any good at book writing. What do you think?

The search for a flat also continued this week. I went to see one on Wednesday, a mezzanine room that was light and airy, furnished and in a nice area. Sounded perfect, looked awful. It was in fact more of a shelf than a mezzanine room! You had to climb some awkward 'boat stairs' to get up and then, once in my 'room', you couldn't stand up. A child would have had a hard time standing up in it! Which would make getting dressed interesting  Also there was no privacy as it only had a flimsy net curtain to pull across which looked as sturdy as drunk Bambi on ice. The bed was minimalistic too, it was a mattress on the floor. So much for the furnished. As if this wasn't enough for me to decline the room the bathroom was through my flatmates bedroom and he had a curtain across his bed so I could access it. Not for me!!!

Luckily I looked round a flat yesterday as well (Saturday) and it was lovely. I was never looking for the Ritz  just a room (with a door) and fairly clean and a non murderous, creepy room-mate  Thankfully I found it! It's in a nice area, 5 minutes from my current favourite street and is in a gated square with lots of flats in it. The room is rented by the landlord who lives down the corridor. She is really friendly and nice and I'll be sharing with her 16 year old daughter who is also lovely. They both speak English but will help me with my French. The room has a futon bed, large wardrobe (yay!), dressing table, coffee table and a small padded bench/chair. It has a nice big window and purple colours. The bathroom is small but clean as is the kitchen but the girl that is moving out said that the daughter often eats at her Mums so I can have the kitchen to myself mostly. Also, if I give them notice that I'm having guests then the girl (Kenza I think) will stay at her Mums too. I move in tomorrow! It does mean leaving my countryside mansion but it also means no more long commute (my course is also a 5 minute walk away), the metros are really close as is the launderette, boulangerie, supermarket, hairdressers and loads of cafes as well.

After looking round the flat  went for a walk up to the Seine then decided to walk along it. I was going to go to Musee D'Orsay but I didn't have time. I took a few picture of the walk too. It was so cold though and almost snowed too which is why it looks so grey and dreary. The sun is out today though but it is still freezing! I'm hoping spring properly starts now though, I need some sun and a little warmth!

Notre Dame - need to go inside soon! 
The Seine

The Arch de Triomphe and the Needle from the Tuilleries. If only it was a sunny day!

Can you guess this is my favourite sight?

I think Pont Des Arts is so cute. How romantic!!?? 

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