Friday, 3 May 2013

Beauty Storage -Downsized!

Since I moved to Paris (have I mentioned this yet?) I have had to seriously downsize my beauty products and there is a large percentage of them still in London. Particularly my nail varnishes which I am starting to miss! So since my original post I thought I'd share what I have now. Which, on a plus side, actually includes a proper table :) I also have a chest of drawers which have come in handy, although they were originally on the floor I don't need them there. Perfect for organising beauty bits. Anyway here it is...

My dressing table.

Bags, mirror, brushes & perfume.

My solution to having no jewellery tree - white tack on the wall! Easily accessible and not too ugly to look at!

My claireabella bag - when not being used for shopping/picnics etc it stores my hairdryer and ghd's.

Some skincare bits.

My make up drawer

Hair bits (yes don't get too excited at how interesting this photo is)

So that's the lot at the moment until I marry a millionaire or find a few million lying around. Then my beauty storage will be a sephora and my room will be at the plaza athenee. Obviously!

Maria xx

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