Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Ron Mueck Exhibition

At the weekend I was invited to go and see an art exhibition near me so I was really excited. Not only did it mean meeting new people but I also love art, even if my judgement is completely emotional and I have no real knowledge about art. 

For example - I HATE Henri Matisses' 'Snail'. Correction - I HATE that it's so famous. It's a paper collage that's really big. It looks nothing like a snail (I realise that this is OK sometime). It looks like a 4 year old did a 'big art attack'... in the dark.

Anyway... Yes I like art and I had never hear of Ron Mueck (apparently he's famous and from London - who knew?) so I was eager to go and see what it was all about. It was at the Fondation Cartier on Boulevard Raspail in the 14th. The first time I walked past the building I was a little taken aback... There is a huge glass wall and behind it is a garden, then in the middle is a building where the exhibition was held. 

When we got there we queued for 1h45m! But on the plus side it gave me a chance to talk to my friend (I've now met her 3 times so for Paris that makes her a friend!) and meet her friends. I managed to catch on to most of the conversations they had in French and they spoke English as well. 

Exhibit Review -
I loved the exhibition! It's these out of proportion sculptures showing sometimes mundane things and sometimes odd things. The detail that goes into them is astonishing. The people are so lifelike but out of proportion. It's so interesting to look at. There is also a video showing how Mueck created some of the pieces in his North London studio. It was really fascinating. The program explained what each piece was conveying but I personally just like looking at art and seeing how it makes me feel and how pretty/interesting it is. I give this one a definite 9/10 for interesting and recommend seeing it if you are coming to or live in Paris. 

the website is -

My program - the English version.
Me (on the right) and one of the sculptures. This one can be seen from the street but is incredible up close!
View from the street through the glass wall, across the garden and into the glass building.

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