Saturday, 6 April 2013

All moved in

Bonjour! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I have no moved and I'm living in the centre of Paris. This makes me so happy! I moved last week and have loved being so close to the centre. My housemate is lovely and the flat is very cute, no state of the art modern flat but I love it. The kettle is even a metal one that we put on the gas stove. No washing machine either so I will have to get used to using a launderette! Not the worse thing in the world though. Compared to living on a sofa in the living room/kitchen this is a palace!

On the day I moved in I went to Pere Lachaise cemetery with my housemate and the girl that was moving out of my room. It was a little weird as I have never visited a cemetery for the hell of it but accoridng to my little guide book it's the most visited cemetery in the world and has over 1 million graves (I'm cheering you up aren't I). There are some famous people buried there though which is why its visited so much. It has Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison... (that's all I can remember for now). I didn't actually see any though but it was fairly pretty for a cemetery. It was nice to chat to my housemate though.

Yesterday (Friday) I had a really good teaching practice, an interview (I got the job) and then drinks and dinner with my course friends  I'm loving it here but need to start meeting some more people and earning some money. I've found a few fitness classes and obviously I now have a job too so I should start to meet a few people other than course friends and random people I talk to in Cafes. 

Tomorrow is the Paris Marathon which I will probably go and see, then maybe Sacre Couer for a bit before I start my mammoth amount of work for the last week on my course... wish me luck for the last week!

From A...

... to B

My new room in the centre of Paris

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