Saturday, 27 April 2013

Paris so far...

Bonjour! Ca va? Je vais bien!
(see my french is improving!)

I know it's been a while but I have been trying to sort out wifi, finish a course, find a job, start a job and make friends. So the blog has kind of taken a back-seat (don't worry I have a free morning and have sorted the wifi thing for this month). I've now lived in my Parisian flat for about 3/4 weeks and it's going very well. 

I finished my course, albeit with some drama! For the last week we (the students) were given a tough time about our organisation when in fact it was our tutors who were poorly organised and unable to communicate with each other. Safe to say we were not impressed and glad when the course finished. We decided to celebrate with beaucoup verre vin rouge!

The next day we had a BBQ organised by one of my course friends at his house, he invited some of the students we taught so there were many French people so had to try and keep up or wait for a translation! After I ended up going out with some people from the BBQ and meeting some American girls. They were the whiniest people ever! They drove me crazy!

After was the first properly warm day we have had so far so I went to a picnic in the jardin de tuilleries. I definitely recommend this although it was jam packed and hard to find a spot. 

Since then I have met people for drinks/lunches, started work and explored Paris some more. I still love it and like meeting new people. I'm actually off to an art exhibition today with a girl I met last week. I hope it's good!

My mum also visited last weekend but I'll save that for another post. 

My job hunt continues as, although I have one, it's not nearly enough money for me to live so I need another and fast! Have sent out applications and CV's over the past few days so fingers crossed!!

Here are a few pics I've taken recently, enjoy and comment with any pic requests you might have.

The Paris Marathon

View from one of the many ponts one very warm evening!

Spring is here!!!
Printemps est la!!!

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