Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mother/Daughter time in Paris

I always knew that my Mum would be the first person to come visit me in Paris. In fact I should have bet on it to earn some money!! So when I found my new place she booked Eurostar tickets and came out just 5 weeks after I left London. (I realise it sounds like I'm moaning she came, I'm not - I love my Mum even if she is crazy sometimes).

We basically spent the weekend walking and drinking wine. It was brilliant. The first night she arrived and we got to mine about 8pm and we went straight to dinner near me. Spent the night chatting non stop!

Saturday we walked up to the Seine and had petit dejeuner near Notre Dame and overlooking the Seine. It was lovely and it was quite a nice day for the weather. We sat in a window and watched people go by. After we walked all the way along to the Eiffel Tower as my Mum said she wanted to see it. It was a long walk but I love walking round Paris. It might take longer but unless I'm in a rush I'll walk over using the Metro any day! Then we sat in the Champ de Mars and had an Ice Cream on the grass whilst looking at the Eiffel Tower. 
For the afternoon we went to Monmatre to see Sacre Couer (I've never been inside but the outside is very pretty.) We looked at the view and played 'Where's my house?' Then we went round near Place du Tetre and found an Irish bar to sit and have drinks and lunch. Well, it said it was Irish but other than serving Guiness it was the same as most other French pavement cafes/bars that I've been to! It was so hot and the wine was great, slightly too many street artists touting for work though. I mean, I know we're beautiful but you can't all have the pleasure of drawing us and charging 10-15 euros. For a start we watched a few and they weren't entirely accurate. I have a camera too so there was really no need!
Saturday night we went for dinner on Rue Mouffetard to a typical French place. I had my first try of snails! I have to say they weren't actually too bad. A bit like garlic mushrooms, but more rubbery, and you have to pull it out of the shell which was an odd experience. Almost like plucking a feather out of your Nandos before popping it in your mouth! After we went for more wine in a bar I like which opens onto a busy square. 

Sunday we went to the Tuilleries for Crepes. We sat in the sun round one of the ponds. Then we walked up the Champs Elysee and stared at all the shops. I love this mix of Louis Vuitton and H&M on one street. So busy there! Then we went to Saint Michel to find a spot in the sun for ... you guessed it! More wine and some salad. Once again very relaxing and beautiful. 
Sunday night we had dinner near Avenue Suffren and then went to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle from the park. Such a pretty view. As we walked through we saw the queue was almost non existent so decided to go up! (It was just after 10pm) Great night!!! Slightly too cold and windy for my floaty white dress but worth it.
Monday my Mum left in the afternoon after another obligatory walk and coffee in a brasserie near mine.

Perfect weekend visit for mother and daughter! Here are some pictures we took...

After our ice creams in Champ de Mars.

My Mum in front of the Eiffel Tower (yes it looks like her hat.)

House spotting from Sacre Couer. Can you see it?

In front of the Sacre Couer

Sunday night waiting for the Eiffel Tower to sparkle.

Me before it sparkled and before we went up.

Sparkle time!

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