Sunday, 24 February 2013

Hair and Make up - Keira Knightley inspired! OOTD

I had been reading this months Glamour magazine, which I love, when I saw this little picture of Keira Knightley in the beauty section (below). I love how she looks here, even if she isn't smiling, it seems quite classic and I think she looks really pretty.

As I mentioned before I'm moving to Paris for a while in a few weeks so last night my little sister had arranged a family night out before I leave. We had a meal in Cote restaurant on Tavistock Street in London then went to a comedy night in Covent Garden near Embankment Station. It was so much fun! We had french food, champagne and then cheap beers at the comedy. We were front row and of course got picked on! I laughed so much though!

Anyway, I used this night to have a go at creating my own version of this make up look. I just wish I had a lighter pink lipstick - does anyone know of any good ones?

I used my Rimmel gel liner to create the winged liner look. I had to lengthen and check the shape as I went, at first it was much to short. I suggest doing the same though as you don't want to make it too long then ended up smudging it all over your face trying to get it off. The lip colour I used is the Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar. I love this colour as it's so bright, brighter in real life though, the pictures make it look darker.

For my hair I used many many many kirby grips and buckets of hairspray. I made sure it was clean, and dried it straight then used my ghd's to go over any kinks or frizz so that it was smooth. I then got a section from the top on each side and twisted it back and pinned it. I then did another 2 sections underneath and pinned it at the back. (To be clearer I twisted and pinned 3 parts on each side at the back.)

I then picked up the hair, like I was going to put it into a bun and twisted it round. Then, instead of using a hair bobble I pinned it all in place using around 20-25 kirby grips. Once it was secure I used hairspray all over and then repeatedly sprayed the back about 5 more times before I went out. It managed to stay in all night from about 3pm to 1am so I was impressed, I just had to rejig the pins every now and then if any started to slip.

My outfit was a black and white print dress from Mango, Green Blazer (one of my favourites) , leggings, Grey Stiletto ankle boots from Forever 21 and a white and green small handbag.

Let me know what you think of the look and if you have tried any beauty or hair from celebs or magazines for inspiration. Post any links below.

Maria xx

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