Monday, 25 February 2013

Going for a Bra Fitting - tips

As a follow up to a popular post I have done on getting the right bra size I thought I would give some tips on what to do when you for a bra fitting. I will stress this is not designed to put anyone off going, just things to think about. I fully advise getting measured and fitted every now and then as you will soon begin to learn what to look for when buying a bra. Remember to ask yourself this if you are worried about getting measured - Do you want sagging boobs or supported boobs? 
I know what I think feels more comfortable. 

Anyway, here are the tips - 

  • Make sure you are relatively clean. I know this isn't rocket science but I mean don't come straight from the gym or a long run. You might be surprised at the amount of women that came in quite smelly. Not only is it harder to fit a bra to a sweaty body, it's also common courtesy. Would you want to a)buy a bra covered in someone else's sweat? b) have to assist and touch another woman's overly sweaty body? 
  • Try and shave your armpits. No ones asking for a recent wax and some sparkly body glitter. People are people, women grow hair. That's fine. Just don't leave it too long as when measuring it is usual for a tape measure around the chest area. The bra fitter is unlikely to want to brush their arms on your armpit hair.
  • Keep your bra on. It is a common misconception that you need to take your bra off when being measured. This is not true, you can keep it on when the bra fitter is around. Obviously if you are trying on different bras then you take your one off (you would be surprised at the women that have left the old one on!) Also, just because you aren't bothered about the bra fitter seeing your boobs doesn't mean they aren't either. Remember -  they are BRA fitters and not boob lookers!
  • Listen. Whatever you are being told is probably good advice and it's usually a free service. They want to boost sales by selling you the right bra so chances are it will be good advice.
Hope this is helpful and like I said at the start, this is not intended to put anyone off going. Just think about the things above and it should be a more pleasant experience for you and the bra fitter.

Any questions just ask below and I will answer as soon as I can. 

Maria xx

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