Tuesday, 5 February 2013

January/February shopping... So far!

Hi, seem to have been doing more shopping than I should at the moment, if that's possible? Not on just one big shopping trip but over a few weeks. I think I trick myself into thinking I haven't spent that much if I buy one or two things at a time!

Anyway, enough about my lack of self control and financial skills! Here are some of things I have purchased from the high street and have been enjoying wearing - 

First up I got these boots in forever 21. I needed to replace an old pair of tan ankle boots which were well loved and as a result starting to look trampy :( These, however, do not. These are really comfy and I have worn with dresses, leggings and long tops and with skinny jeans.

I also got these from Forever 21 in the sale. I recently wore them on a night out and got a few compliments from friends which most people enjoy getting. They are also very comfortable and I have a tendency for being clumsy (with or without wine) and I didn't stumble or trip in these ankle boots at all! 

Yes, these really are fluorescent pink. Yes, I love them! I got these from H&M and I was so happy when I first wore them. They made a miserable Friday and a fairly average outfit brighter. People obviously notice them, so make sure your feet are clean and shiny, but lots said they suited me. To be fair though, people could have said I looked ridiculous in these and I would still keep wearing them. Bright pink ballet pumps are completely my style :) also they were only £7.99 so a bargain as well.

Another Forever 21 purchase in this navy polka dot T-shirt. Polka dots are very in fashion at the moment so I had to quickly pick something up but found it hard to choose. Might have to go back for a dressing up polka dot outfit. The T-shirt is easy to wear with most things though and looked quite cute. Perfect for a jeans and T-shirt day without looking scruffy.

Love the dress too! Cream drop hem dress with a lace back. Very in fashion and suited me nicely (at least I think so) and I'm not a candidate for superskinny either. Worn on a casual-ish night out with the grey heeled ankle boots above and black tights. Could also be dressed up with bare legs and some bright stilettos, possibly red. Or even dressed down with leggings and knee high boots and a cardigan. Also, can you believe it was only £15 from Primark? I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it.

That's it for now, I;m sure it won't be the last of my purchases this month. Let me know what you like and what yo have been buying and wearing.
Maria xx


  1. I love the cream dress! I have a similar tshirt with a lace back from Primark :)


  2. Yeah it's such a nice dress. I wanted one from River Island but my budget that week wouldn't stretch that far!
    Maria x