Monday, 4 February 2013

MUA update...

Since my last post I have used some more of my MUA haul and thought I would share my findings.

Love the Pro base fixing spray! You hold it arms length away from your face and spritz it across lightly  I do 2/3 sprays, any more and it'd wash the make up off my face I reckon. It seems a bit sticky at first but once it dries and throughout the day my face didn't feel or look sticky or 'plasticky' which is perfect. I can't imagine anyone wanting to literally look like a plastic Barbie doll... although now I've typed that I'm thinking that there probably is. Particularly in my part of the world... Essex! So on a side note - If you want a plastic looking face then MUA's pro fixing base isn't for you! Throughout the day I felt it kept my make up in place much better than normal! I was tres impressed that I still had blusher in the right place and all of my concealer was still covering my imperfections.

I've also used the lashes from MUA. I'm no lash pro but I have been using them on and off for a few years, as in not everyday but often enough that I'm not too slow in putting them on in the right place. However I wasn't a fan of these lashes. I found the look very synthetic and they didn't blend well with my natural lashes which is not what I desired from them. The glue was also not great. It was an odd texture and was more goopy than actually sticky. It went onto the lashes but didn't feel like it was going to stick to them, when I put it on my lash line it wouldn't stay and moved around. Overall = not impressed.

I've also used the Matte Perfect Primer which I really found easy to use. It's non greasy and helped even out my complexion and make foundation easier to put on. My only problem is that I think the tube is too small. I'll need to buy this quite often as it's only in a small tube! (Which is good business for MUA).

There, that's my little update. Hope someone finds it useful! Let me know what lasehs you like and if you have used MUA lashes as well and what you thought.

Maria xx

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