Wednesday, 30 January 2013

MUA Virgin - My first go!

I recently bought some make up from MUA (Make Up Academy) for the first time. I have seen it in stores and had never really thought about using or buying any of the products. At least until I started blogging and reading other bloggers reviews and tweets about MUA. Then I saw they were having a 50% discount online and decided to order some items (even though the site was a bit slow).

I seemed to get loads for the £15 I spent so I was chuffed with that.
I received - 

  • Pro Base Fixing Mist - I can't wait to see how this works tomorrow at work. I have pretty long hours and a moderately stressful job so fingers crossed!
  • Mascara in a brown shade. I've never used a brown before so paying £1 for one was a bargain!
  • Pro Base Complexion Kit - It has cream to powder foundation, concealer and highlighter.
  • False Lashes - To be used this weekend! They look really long but not too heavy which is perfect for me.
  • Pressed Power in shade 4. To be placed under the fixing spray tomorrow.
  • Mosaic Bronzer in Sunkissed Glow
  • Matte Perfect Primer.
  • 12 shade glitterball palette eye-shadow which I have used below.
  • 3x 3 in 1 contour pen in Smoked Plum, Gun Metal and Auburn - aka purple, grey and brown.

I liked the 3 in 1 Contour Pens as you can use them for different effects (hence the name). Here is a sample on my hand - 

Will be using Gunmetal tomorrow I reckon along with one of the colours from the Glitterball Palette. Love the grey and silvery white colours. I had a go at using them and I like the colours, especially the glittery/shimmeryness of them. You need a few coats to make the colour stand out but very good value for the money.

Have you got any tips or reviews of MUA? Let me know via twitter or commenting below!

*I realise shimmeryness is not a word... but I don't care!

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