Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday night make up

After another day of exercise and diet I'm going out tonight with friends. I managed some cardio/aerobic dancing with toning and stretching exercises. If I keep this up I reckon in a month or 2 my body will begin to show the results. I'm sure ill start feeling benefits before though.

Off out for dinner tonight so have decided to wear a marroon pleated skirt and plain top. Yet to decide which jewellery but as I'll wear my tan boots it will be gold. Bearing this in mind I tried out a gold/plum/brown smoky eye. Here it is!!

Here is how I did it:
My 'makeupless' eye. 

The Sephora eyeshadow pallette used.

Start by putting the light beige/silver/white colour at the top of your eye near the eyebrow. Focus mainly on the outside and only use a small amount near the bridge of your nose.

Next I used the dark goldy brown colour on the lid near the corner of my eye. I worked it to about half way across the eye. Make sure when applying shadow you tap or gently blow excess powder off the brush otherwise it will end up on your cheeks!

Then I used the red/plum colour on the edge of my lid carefully blending it to the centre so the two colours are blended and not leaving a line. Use more or less as required.
The final result with mascara. (Benefit They're Real)

Hope you like it!

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