Saturday, 12 January 2013

Glitter at my fingertips!

Spent last night in relaxing. I really needed it after a busy and tiring week at work followed by the return of my mild insomnia! Of course to relax it meant I had to do my nails, they had also been chipped for two days and this was making me very sad! In order to decide what to do I laid out all of my nail varnish collection. 35 is my current number, probably why I find it so difficult to choose my designs. I also have a large collection of nail stickers which I found on eBay.

35 nail varnishes - Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Nails Inc, Barry M, Nail Art Pens, Collection 2000.
In the end I decided to go for a simple but pretty design. I used a Nails Inc light/neutral pink as the base coat once I had cut and shaped by nails, and of course applied a base coat. My nails have been getting chipped and split this week so I have cut them short so they can all grow to the same length. I'm hoping to get nice shaped stiletto style nails soon, just not too sharp or pointy as I think they look a little odd personally. After they had dried I added a gorgeous glitter varnish over half of my nail adding slightly more to the tops for a subtle gradient effect. 

Here is the final varnish. I took the picture in different lights as it was difficult to take the picture without natural light last night. I like this one as I think it's quite pretty and should go with any outfit I wear this weekend. 
I'm hoping to have a very positive weekend. Parties to go to and planning for a busy and very exciting year. Hoping to involve some moving around in various areas of my life. I have wanted a change for a while but have always been more talk than action, finally I'm am taking action and not being too scared about change!

Glittery fingers crossed 2013 is not an unlucky number and year for me!

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