Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Thought I would share my jewellery selection for today. I was wearing a pleated maroon skirt with a black top, tights and biker jacket. (The one from my previous Sunday Sale Shopping blog) 
The bracelet opens up on a hinge and is really striking. I usually get compliments for wearing it. Unfortunately it's quite old so probably not available in shops - although eBay is a good place to search usually.

The necklace was purchased from a sale in accessorize a few years ago also. I think it works well with this top as it is quite plain. However without a necklace the top makes me feel/look a bit bare so the necklace gives detail and coverage.

The earrings were a present from Forever 21 for Christmas  understated but sparkly and pretty. Large and detailed are a interesting to wear with your hair up as they can get lost under long hair when it's down. I had mine in a high bun so they were shown off well, as was the necklace as my hair wasn't covering it!

I hope you like it all! Feel free to comment below. xx

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