Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow & Work!

Snow day in London (in case you didn't know)! Had to go to work today, although I was sent home early and trying to decide what to wear was a nightmare. It was a combination of complete tiredness, freezing weather and still having to look smart and professional.

In the end I went for layers! Lots and lots of layers to keep warm! The dress is floaty but able to layer vest tops underneath  love this dress though. Got it on eBay brand new and it's made by Yumi, it was a fraction of the original price so I love wearing it. Big baggy cardigan  less for the professional side and more for the warmth and cosiness! The coat is warm and structured and the belt helps create some sort of waist over the many layers I was wearing. I managed not to slip over in the snow today wearing my flat ankle boots with massive thick socks underneath!

 In the end I think I did an OK job getting ready today, I even managed to look OK having a wine filled lunch when I was sent home, as well as being active at work. I hope you like this blob, I just read it through and don't really know the point of it but thought I would share it anyway. I hope to blog tomorrow as I need to go out and get some new lipsticks. My nails are pretty chipped too so I expect to do those this evening. xx

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