Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Having an odd day...

This is post isn't about one specific topic but just generally about my day. Started off pretty annoyed as I have managed to lose my third hand - my iPhone. I'm gutted it's gone as not only can I no longer call or text people I can no longer tweet, facebook, instagram, blog, wiwt, or even take pictures out and about! I do realise this seems a little web based but I do talk face to face with humans all day long as well... Probably why I'm slightly behind with some work filing! One of the annoying things about the phone personally though is the camera. I love taking pictures throughout the day, either of things I see that make me laugh or my clothes, nails other blog opportunities.

Then I witnessed some hair mistakes this morning on the tube into work. Firstly I was confronted with a scrunchie on a grown women. Scrunchies, for me at least, are not good. If they have to be made then only children aged 6 or under should wear them. However, the weirdest thing was that the women only had the tiniest section of hair through it, like 30 strands! Seriously what was the point? The other was a mother daughter coloured hair combo. Have you seen Notting Hill? Do you remember when Hugh Grant talks about the radical hairdressers where everyone comes out looking like the cookie monster? Well it was like that... only poorly coloured and one was blue and one was pink.

I have then broken a nail, slipped over, had little sleep and had to chase the cat round the kitchen to stop it 'being dirty' all over the kitchen floor! The only answer this evening was to blog, tweet, drink wine and eat Chinese whilst watching Calendar Girls (I've seen Notting Hill recently so decided against it). I also bought some bits from MUA to try as never used it before. Very good prices, I hope the quality is good though as for me, it's a false economy and I'd rather spend a bit more. Fingers crossed it's all good. I have now done my nails, in a lovely Matte Gold, but it's still drying and too messy to photograph and post now, Plus I get up in 5 hours time for work so I better get some beauty sleep and hope I don't run out of concealer in the morning!


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  2. I love this :)
    I noticed the time as well (0:18)
    midnight rant

    I totally get you though, sometimes the smallest things can just set your whole day in a downward spiral.
    I have a motto "what would Madonna do" i used to use Britney but then she went psycho and shaved her hair, then Christina, but she starved herself.

    Madonna would probably do some yoga, then grope Justin Timberlake.

    Instant smiles :)

    1. I don't have a spare Justin... Damn! lol.
      Yeah it was a bit of a midnight rant but I needed it!