Sunday, 20 January 2013

Everyday Make Up Look

Everything I used.

Hi, another day in the snow!! I thought I'd post my everyday make up today to see what you thought, (feel free to comment, as long as you're not here to be too mean!). This is the look I go to when I'm in a rush as I know exactly what to do so it takes very little time but I think I still end up with a natural but polished look. 
The overall look.

How I did it...
Firstly I made sure my face was cleansed, toned a moisturised of course. Every girl needs a clean base to start with. Then I used Rimmels wake me up concealer under my eyes and on my blemishes. It would be ridiculous to pretend I didn't have them and unfortunately, depsite my best efforts I still get the occasional breakout. I find this concealer gives good coverage without looking like it's been put on with a shovel.

Next I used one pump of Rimmels wake me up foundation. I applied with my fingers, blending all over to make sure I didn't leave any marks. Using a hand held mirror as well as a dressing table mirror furhter away helps me with this. That way I can see as close up as possible and also what people who aren't invading my personal space are seeing!

Next was Benefits High Beam on my cheeks and between the brows. I also used a very tiny amount under my eyes to brighten them. I have seen people use lots of highlighter under their eyes and I think it just looks too bright, white and if I'm honest - mental!

Now my face has good even coverage and an almost look of flawlessness I use Bella Bamba blusher from Benefit to give me some colour. I really like this colour for my skin tone and complexion. Then I use Rimmels waterproof gel liner in black. I make sure I follow the lash line carefully and slowly and then finish with small flicks upwards for the day time. Flicks and liner that are too big need eye-shadow and false lashes on me otherwise it all looks out of proportion! This gel liner is really easy to use, it's not like a pencil which can be too dry and it's not as slippery as liquid liners which I can get into a bit of a mess with, and nobody wants that.

This is followed by a quick coat of Scandaleyes mascara in black, I've lost my benefit They're Real - HELP!! This gives a nice colour and can lift they eyes for a subtle look. I then finish by using Rimmels Lasting finish lipstick in heart breaker. I apply it with a brush for the day so it's no too intense. 

That's it! Takes toughly five minutes and in my opinion makes me look less scary than a bare face! Just because I feel tired doesn't mean I need people to know about it, especially in my job.

The lips up close looking very subtle but not too plain. I look a bit washed out if I have nothing on my lips at all. The necklace is new too. I bought it in the Dorothy Perkins sale for £3 on Friday  A bargain and very cute, a statement necklace, which I love.

Close up of my eye, lined with black liner and a quick and simple coat of mascara. Of course there are some concealer products here as well, no ones perfect after all and I don't use photoshop so it's needed!!

The finished look again. Subtle make up but I feel more confident and look less tired. Might be time to go and play in the snow now and build a snowman. I'll then need a large coffee, a sofa and a movie to warm up. Might even make casserole for dinner later. Perfect winter day!

Maria xx


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  2. Very natural and simple. I use the same concealer as you do and follow (most days) the same routine except I use Ginvera Green Tea BB cream instead of foundation