Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow day manicure - Rimmel Long Lasting Azure

As I'm sat here keeping warm on 2013 snow day I decided to of course sort out my chipped nails (as mentioned in Snow and Work). Today I bought Rimmels Lasting Finish nail varnish in 198 azure. It was on sale in Boots so thought I'd give it a go. I like the colour as it's quite shiny and has very small bits of glitter in it but not too glittery (not that I believe you can get too glittery). In short, it is subtle shimmery bright blue.

As usual I used my Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat but I decided it looked a bit plain on its own for the weekend. A while ago I purchased some nail stickers on eBay (love eBay for a bargain), and got 50 sheets in black, white and colour, in an assortment of designs for around £2.50. Brilliant in my book! I love nail stickers. They are such an easy way to create designs without needing nail art pens and a steady hand. Also a lot cheaper than heading to a nail salon! Win win all round. However, they probably don't last as long but I don't mind as I usually change my nails at least twice a week anyway.

I also have purchased a new lipstick/gloss from Rimmels Facebook Shop. I have had an email and seen it advertised from them for a new product called Apocalips. The pictures look good. It seems like a bright punchy gloss colour so I hope to do a review and swatches when it arrives!


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