Thursday, 3 January 2013

My wardrobe

Have started the year well! Lazy day on the 1st to make up for going to bed at 6am was of course needed. The 2nd started slow but I made some lists, tidied and sorted and feel much more ready for the year. I even managed to paint my nails in a lovely nails Inc varnish called Victoria. It's dark red/burgundy and is on its own for a change. No glitter, nail art or stickers today.

I have also started my exercise and diet routines for the year. I know it's only my second day but I feel like I will make some good progress this time. My attitude feels different this time, I have more determination to lose weight and have a healthy body and lifestyle.

To give myself an additional boost however I went through my wardrobe to pick out things that don't currently fit me. (I would normally say no longer fit me so I'm positive thinking!) I found a lovely lipstick red, boned, tulip, strapless dress from French Connection. They used to be very popular styles in the store and I absolutely adore mine. The only problem is that at the moment it doesn't fit. I look horrendous in it. Like I'm trying to stuff myself into something Victoria Beckham owns. This is now my inspiration - I MUST fit into this dress again. It hasn't gone out of fashion and I love it so it seems perfect. Everytime I consider missing a work out or heading to Starbucks for a lemon poppyseed muffin I'll think of the red dress. The red dress will help me!!

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