Monday, 28 January 2013

Pink Double French Manicure!

I realise I haven't blogged for a while but I have been without phone (which I usually use for photos) and ill this week. Glad I'm feeling better so had to do my nails to cheer myself up some more. I decided to do a double pink french manicure that I've done before but with some different colours.

First I made sure my nails were shaped in a long square shape, you need slightly longer nails as you need space to paint the tips. Short nails wouldn't work for this design  I then used a very light pink base coat from Nails Inc. This helps even out the colour and make the rest of my nails shiny as well!

Once this had completely dried I carefully painted a dark pink/red on the tips as you would a normal french manicure. I am able to do this freehand as I have been doing french manicures since I was 14, however if you are not so confident some shops sell guide stickers to do it. Alternatively I have heard of some people using masking tape for this. Either way it is very important that the base is completely dry!

Once this is dry I used a Barbie pink varnish to go over the ends of the first french tip colour. Again I do this freehand but it's up to you how you feel you could do this!

Hope you like the results -

(By the way the pictures have been taken on my webcam - hence they are a bit odd!)

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